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To use the reprogramming of ECUs according to Euro 5, you will require the software application (OEM App) from the respective vehicle manufacturer (OEM) and the Euro 5 (PassThru) reprogramming software (J2534 DLL) from Bosch. An overview of the interaction of the individual online portals, the OEM or Bosch software and the KTS with the vehicle is provided in the graphic above.

The basic procedure is as follows: First download the Bosch Euro 5 reprogramming software from the Bosch online portal and then install it on your PC/laptop. Then download the OEM-specific software application from the OEM online portal and install it in accordance with the specifications of the OEM.

The use of the OEM portals from countries outside Europe is not possible or permitted by most OEMs. It is not possible to log in to/register for these portals.