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Bosch Diagnostics

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Information on Opel

For the brands Opel, Vauxhall and Chevrolet, General Motors Europe (GME) provides the Internet-based application SPS for reprogramming ECUs for Euro 5 and older vehicles.

Users can access the link www.gme-infotech.com to register at GME for the standard scope of the SPS application. The standard scope, however, does not include access to reprogramming. This requires an extension of the scope of membership. A DUNS number is required to do this. It is available under (www.upik.de). Authentication is received through the post.


The user must now decide on a subscription. At GME, this is based on the intended period of usage. All users are required to attend training at GME prior to use. Following registration, the user can download the application from the Internet and will be guided through the reprogramming application.

A "Key Code" is required for some ECUs, which is usually in the Service booklet of the vehicle. The user will usually have to wait one to two weeks between registration and initial usage of the application because a part of the registration arrives through the post.


Before the SPS application is started, the Bosch Euro 5 reprogramming software (J2534 DLL) must be installed.

The SPS application then starts after login under SPS at www.gme-infotech.com. The OEM application checks at the start whether a Java environment is installed on the PC and installs some tools for viewing documents the first time the application is started.


The range of vehicles and ECUs that can be reprogrammed is defined by GME. In addition to the Bosch information, the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer must also be observed.

When a new ECU is installed, this can result in entries in the fault memory of other ECUs. They can be deleted completely after reprogramming by the ESI[tronic]. Complete deletion via Euro 5 PassThru will be possible with the next version.


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