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Information on Peugeot

Peugeot provides access to the Peugeot Service Box under the link public.servicebox.peugeot.com. Users can register in the Peugeot Service Box and use four different utilities: Documentation, Support, Diagnostics and Training.

The "Documentation" service consists of free documents and subscription services where a charge is made for access. Users have free access to documentation (such as the Peugeot spare parts catalog or the operating instructions of the vehicles) under the "Free services" menu. The subscription services cover work (time to be invoiced for work performed), InfoFlash (solution methods for identified problems), methods (repair methods and special tools), (electric) circuit diagram and diagnostics (Help). It is possible to book a subscription on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or one-year basis. The prices are listed on the web page.


The "Support" service offers the user a flat-rate package for access to a telephone hotline. Refer to the web page for the flat-rate price for the hotline per inquiry.

Users who wish to use the "Diagnostics" service have two options: The diagnostics complete solution and diagnostics and repair individual solution according to the vehicle identification number (VIN).


Users who decide on the diagnostics complete solution receive both the necessary hardware (laptop, a PSA XS Evolution interface card for vehicles, wireless access) and diagnostics and repair software (package Lexia / Peugeot Planet System / DiagBox) as well as the corresponding support and the required maintenance for the Peugeot brand vehicles.

The diagnostics complete solution can be purchased for a period of use of 36 months (downpayment and monthly payments). The prices are listed on the web page.


On the other hand, Peugeot offers a tuned diagnostics and repair individual solution based on the VIN. In this case, users acquire a so-called "Jeton" license that authorizes them to use the diagnostics and repair software for ECUs, the diagnostics series and the technical data sheets for the maintenance and repair of a vehicle that has been registered by means of its VIN in the Peugeot system. The price of the "Jeton" license can be obtained on the web page. The license authorizes users to carry out the operations listed below for vehicles registered in the Peugeot system by means of their VIN for a period of seven consecutive calendar days (weekends, holidays and work-free days included) from the time of vehicle registration.


Note: The Peugeot application DiagBox supports the use of a proxy server.


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