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Information on Renault

Renault provides access to Renault InfoTech under the link www.infotech.renault.com. Registration is a requirement for use. Following login, users are offered technical information and (remote) training courses on different subjects, such as diagnostics, at a charge.

The "Diagnostic - Electronic repairs" menu contains the options Reprogramming and automatic configuration.

  • Reprogramming is necessary after an ECU has been replaced or if Renault provides new ECU software.
  • The user parameterizes the properties of the ECU for the selected vehicle by automatic configuration.

Reconfiguration is offered for Euro 5 or Euro 6 vehicles and automatic configuration is possible for certain Euro 5 or Euro 6 vehicle (e.g. Laguna 3, Mégane 3, Master 3, etc.).


In the "Test your VIN" menu, Renault offers a free check based on the VIN number as to whether the vehicle is currently supported.

Before the actual execution (either reprogramming or automatic configuration), the following steps must be carried out:


For each reprogramming or calibration operation per ECU, users acquire a token (i.e. 1 token = 1 x reprogramming operation or 1 x automatic configuration). The price of the token is stated on the web page.

The range of vehicles and ECUs that can be reprogrammed is defined by Renault. In addition to the Bosch information, the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer must also be observed.


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